Do you have or have you had a mother who is or was emotionally unavailable, mentally unstable, toxic or abusive?

If you are dealing with problematic intimate relationships, I invite you to take a closer look and ask yourself how your mother has behaved or is still behaving in close relationships.

This relationship is so important because it is our first relationship in which we learn what love means and how love presents itself.


Do you have any idea how much this first relationship with your mother affects your love life?

Our Mum is our goddess and our heroine. Our physical, emotional and mental development is shaped by the experiences we are exposed to with our mother. If we have to deal with an emotional unavailable, toxic or abusive Mum in the prenatal and early childhood stages, we learn that people we love are emotional unavailable, toxic and abusive. The impact on future relationships later in life is enormous. When you heal this relationship, you heal all other relationships.

This course is PERFECT for you, if you

  • Feel quickly neglected, unappreciated or unseen in relationships

  • Can't really trust anyone

  • Can't accept help and have to do everything alone

  • Can't set boundaries and are overpowered by others

  • Can't get involved and find the right partner

  • Can't stand closeness or intimacy and push the other person back

  • Think you are not good enough or doing something wrong in relationships

  • Keep falling back into the same destructive relationship patterns over and over again


Healing the relationship with your mother is not as complicated as you think

I will guide you step by step through a process that will allow you to create an inner stability that will change this and all other relationships for the better. My behaviour towards the people close to me has changed fundamentally since I healed the relationship with my mother. I no longer rebel against people and I have stopped trying to please people, which leads to honesty, respect and good communication.If I can do it, you can do it too.

Your learned programming can be transformed

Your mother's behaviour in the past influenced how you think today about love and intimate relationships. In this course I will provide the right tools for you to let go of negative emotions and to change sabotaging beliefs. A new way of dealing with your mother and thus with every person who comes close to you can be learned.

This course is all you need

To thrive in your relationships whether you are having difficulties with the person you love or are looking for a partner and can't seem to find one. Isn't it time to regain security and confidence when it comes to close relationships?


"The course we're doing is really life-changing, as it's giving me the opportunity to process my past in new ways, and move on with more inner freedom and acceptance. I also wanted to let you know that my conversation with my Mom last week was a huge success! I felt so free, open and most of all, safe enough to share with her calmly what was in my heart. I felt a deep acceptance and forgiveness between the two of us instantly."

C. K.

"Ich möchte mich in erster Linie nochmal für den Kurs bedanken. Ich habe schon nach einigen Sessions einen Unterschied gespürt, wie ich mich fühle - vor allem in der Beziehung zu meinem Partner, aber auch zu meiner Mutter - und wie beide Beziehungen sich auch in positiver Weise verändern. Die Meditationen nach dem Tappen haben mir sehr geholfen; sie sind sehr heilend für mich und ich versetze mich sogar manchmal tagsüber kurzfristig in eine der Meditationen, wenn es nötig ist in einer bestimmten Situation. Das ist sehr hilfreich! Neben dem Gruppenformat, bin ich auch sehr zufrieden gewesen mit der privaten Stunde, die wir zusammen gemacht haben. Das hat allem noch mehr Impact gegeben, da spezifischer auf meine Gefühle gerichtet."

M. G.

"It seems I'm doing better & better everyday, THANKS TO YOU! Can't say THANK YOU enough time .... I still have a long way to go, but I simply want to express my gratitude for having found you."

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A message from your instructor

    • Before you go...

    • Next steps

    • Disclaimer

  • 2


    • Video: Tapping and Meditation to start the process

    • Meditation

    • Tapping / Emotional Freedom Techniques

    • Emotion Code Technique

    • Logosynthesis

    • Assignment before you start the modules

  • 3

    MODULE 1: How to feel safe in the presence of your Mum or a loved one

    • Tapping and Meditation to make you feel safe

    • Meditation to make you feel safe

    • Assignment before the next lesson

  • 4

    MODULE 2: How to access your feelings and needs if you had to suppress them as a child

    • Tapping and Meditation to become aware of your needs

    • Meditation to become aware of your needs

    • Assignment before the next lesson

  • 5

    MODULE 3: How to be authentic in any relationship

    • Tapping and Meditation to set boundaries

    • Meditation to feel safe while saying NO

    • Assignment before the next lesson

  • 6

    MODULE 4: How to forgive even when it seems impossible

    • Tapping and meditation to start the process of forgiveness

    • Meditation to forgive yourself

    • Assignment before the next lesson

  • 7

    MODULE 5: How to feel worthy of love despite your past

    • Tapping and meditation to feel worthy of love

    • Meditation to feel worthy of love

    • Assignment before the next lesson

  • 8

    MODULE 6: How to open your heart for love

    • Tapping and Meditation to open your heart

    • Meditation to open your heart towards your Mum

    • Assignment before the next lesson

  • 9

    MODULE 7: How to let go of the past and move on

    • Tapping and Meditation to release the need to copy your Mum's behaviour or rebel against her

    • Meditation to receive love and gratitude from your ancestors

    • Please do me a favor

  • 10

    BONUS 1: How to get rid of your saboteur

    • Understand your symptoms and the inner conflict

    • Release the fear of pain and move on

  • 11

    BONUS 2: 8 extra Meditations to transform your reality

    • By enrolling in this course, you will have access to the entire content of Transforming Reality.

What is included?

  • 8 Recorded Sessions

    Beginning Monday, 12 September at 20.00.

  • 2 One-On-One Live Coaching Sessions (each 30 min.) via Zoom

    After you have viewed the second module you have the possibility to book your individual sessions with me. This is your chance to dissolve even inherited or prenatal blockages.

  • Personal Access For Individual Questions

    I will answer your questions during the course and will help you move on if you get stuck.

  • Community

    On 26 September 2022 at 20:00 there will be a live zoom meeting. Often we think that we are the only ones who struggle with our mother and/or others. You will quickly realise how important it is to be part of a community of people who have or had have difficulties with the same issue. This is priceless.

  • Assignments

    You will be given a small task after each session to reinforce what you have learned and continue the process at home.

Your Guide: Anja Hertkorn

As an energy therapist and psychotherapist for over 20 years, I know that healing the relationship with one's mother is crucial for people facing relationship problems. I have helped hundreds of people to end their relationship struggles and other problems. The methods I use such as EFT, Emotion Code, Meditation, Energy Medicine and others have helped my clients bring peace, fun and balance into their lives.

Ready for peace and love in your relationships?